Eva Winskill

Born in Sweden, she created FIT STUDIO in 1990 in Lyon to make the public aware of the importance of well-being for body and mind. Quickly solicited by Fitness professionals to train their instructors, for 15 years Eva will travel the world to provide training, but her passion remains the transmission of her knowledge to a daily clientele. In 2005, she decided to settle down in Ramatuelle, where she gave private or even group lessons in Pilates, Garuda and Fitness.


fit Studio

The adventure was born in the 90s, Eva Winskill, driven by her passion for fitness and by the sound advice and visionary eye of her business-man husband, decided to open a small fitness studio in the center of Lyon. Named FIT STUDIO, in a nod to her husband who often repeated to her “I’m so unfit, you have to get me FIT”.

She will teach in this studio, fitness coupled with her strict training in PILATES, her very demanding and very rigorous teaching methods will quickly allow her to acquire a very beautiful clientele.

In 2005, Eva settled in Ramatuelle and quite naturally created FIT STUDIO Ramatuelle, a wellness center offering its clients private, semi-private or group lessons in Pilates, Garuda, Yoga, Core Training and Nordic Walking as well as BootCamp retreats to find harmony with your body accompanied by a team of seasoned specialists each in their areas of expertise.

In parallel with traditional courses, FIT STUDIO will offer training for professionals wishing to train or complete initial training with specific and complementary equipment to the vision of a healthy mind in a healthy body.
An innovative concept that will win over a growing audience, identifying with the values ​​of well-being and surpassing oneself conveyed by Eva. In view of the growing demand for training from professionals, Eva Winskill offers video training, adapted and certifying for experienced professionals around the world.


Our Pilates training is made for enthusiasts
and professionals seeking training
complete. Whether you are a Physiotherapist, Coach

Inspired by the principles of Pilates, Yoga postures
and breathing, the grace of Dance and Tai Chi,
GARUDA is the future of 21st century wellness.
GARUDA begins where Pilates ends…


Garuda - Pilates - Yoga
Garuda - Pilates
Garuda - Pilates
Bootcamp - Garuda - Pilates
Boot Camp - Garuda
M Space Ball - M Space Élastique - M Space Yoga - Yoga - Yoga Vınyasa
Bootcamp - Garuda - nordic walk - Pilates

Fit Studio is a renowned school in France which is known for its rigor and professionalism.

Our teachers and trainers are qualified, competent and experienced.