Carolina Sendic

Carolina Sendic

A graduate of the National School of Art in Havana, Cuba, she has long had an international career as a dancer in various companies. She teaches Pilates and Functional Stretching and offers continuing education for use by teachers for their personal training and the enrichment of their teaching.

Laura Trevisani

Laura Trevisani from Italy was national and Vice European figure skating champion. After several years of teaching Pilates she met James d’Silva in 2012. She is since 2016 Master Trainer Garuda in Italy. She has her Studio in Italy where she teaches Pilates, Garuda and Yoga.

Pamela Dormi

A former professional dancer, she joined the University of Nice in 2008 where she obtained a Masters in Dance Transmission. Subsequently, she trained for the State Dance Diploma at the Rosella Higthower School of Dance. She ends up meeting Eva Winskill, and obtains the Master Pilates diploma within the Fit Studio institute. She then decides […]

Maria Sole Panté

MariaSole, a student from an early age at the “Teatro alla Scala” in Milan, ex dance use, developed her career in Belgium and then in Milan, becoming an expert in functional and motor rehabilitation. Her committed work with professional athletes found a logical continuity through Pilates and, since that day, she continues to explore the […]

Maria Elena Bernardi

Born in Italy, Maria Elena left her native country at the age of 18 to pursue her training as a professional dancer in New York at the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance. It was in New York that she discovered the Pilates method, which helped her overcome a serious injury. In 2002 she obtained […]

Caroline Ponzoni

After years of studying contemporary dance, Caroline has made movement her greatest passion. Certified STOTT Pilates, she worked in Stockholm, where she dedicated herself to training pregnant women and young mothers. From the beginning of her career, Caroline discovered the Garuda discipline, of which she particularly appreciates the dynamism, the work of strengthening the body […]

Laura Urbaniak

Professor of physical culture and state-certified sports educator, with more than 20 years of experience in fitness, responsible for several years of fitness rooms, Master Pilates (student of Eva Winskill and Michael King). Trained in isostretching, graduated in Caycedian sophrology, seasoned sportswoman. Practice Pilates adapted to your needs and objectives, optimize your physical condition in […]


Swedish osteopath and physiotherapist, Magnus RINGBERG is trained in Vinyasa Yoga, he has created his own Yoga training, he is also a Master Trainer Garuda and has extensive experience in the exploration of movement which he shares during training courses given at worldwide. Learn with him to explore the space in and around your body, […]


Born and raised in Goa, India, he moved to England to train in classical and modern dance, professional dancer then choreographer, he taught all over Europe and the USA. From his years as a professional dancer he will refine his mastery of Pilates, Yoga and various combined techniques leading him to develop and create his […]


Born in Sweden, Eva Winskill has always been driven by the desire to be a gymnastics teacher from a very young age, following her studies, she will begin a Fitness training in London supplemented by internships in New York which will will take you to meet Romana Kryzanowska, a student of Joseph Pilates and will […]

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