PILATES TRAINING – Directory of Origin and One to One

17 February, 2022
- 20 February, 2022


– Analyze the different postures:
Lordosis / Kyphosis / Flat Back / Sway Back / Scoliosis Weak muscles Strong muscles
– Marketing / Pricing / Communication / Brochures / Contract / Questionnaire
– Learn the original movements of Joseph Pilates
– Analyze the movements and practice the movements
– How to help to succeed while remaining perfectly safe with variations and modifications
– Use small equipment
– Learn structure with warm-ups and transitions
– Build a Pilates class without or with small equipment in the different learnings, beginners, intermediate, advanced and mixed level in a group or in private lessons
– Visual techniques, good execution of exercises

Max 6 people

From February 17 to 20 in Nice
This training may be combined with other training dates on similar modules planned for different periods of the year.

HOURS: 7 hours per day - TOTAL 28 hours
VENUE: Le Loft Pilates Garuda, 4 rue Masséna, Nice 06000 2nd floor
HOTEL APARTMENT: AJOUPA, 4 rue Masséna, Nice 5th floor www.ajoupa.fr -15% code “fitstudio”


Le Loft Pilates Garuda, 4 rue Masséna, Nice 06000 2nd floor


Bootcamp - Garuda - nordic walk - Pilates

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