19 January, 2023
- 22 January, 2023


Holistic, dynamic – GARUDA is a revolutionary new technique created by James D’Silva. This discipline inspired by Pilates, Dance, Yoga and Tai Chi is a philosophy
unique and is practiced on machine and or on the ground. Sessions combining dynamic, fluid, rhythmic and mental work increase strength, flexibility, coordination and endurance.

TRAINING OBJECTIVE: The basis of Pilates is used with a different approach. Learn how to isolate a muscle and then work the myofascial lines. This approach is beneficial for people with dysfunction and imbalance. Excellent training for teachers who want to pursue the GARUDA technique

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HOURS: From Wednesday to Sunday 5h per day. Total 24 hours of training.
VENUE: Paris 4° or 16° to be confirmed
PRIX : 1200€


Paris 4° or 16° to be confirmed


Bootcamp - Garuda - Pilates

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