PILATES Reformer and Cadillac 1 training


Formation’s goal :
Learn movements Pilates Reformer Level 1/ Cadillac Level 1
PRE REQUISITES: Recommended 150 hours of practice. Pilates Fundamental
7h per day TOTAL 21h
Friday Learn Movements Pilates Reformer Level 1 Analyze the movements, practice the movements and how to help to succeed while staying safe with variations and modification. Visual techniques, the best execution of exercises

Pilates Reformer class
Saturday: Pilates Reformer cont.
Learn Pilates movements
Cadillac Level 1 Analyze the moves, practice the moves and how to help to succeed by staying safe with the variations and
change. Visual techniques, the best execution of exercises
Cadillac and Reformer Pilates Classes
Sunday: Pilates Cadillac cont
Cadillac Reformer Pilates Classes
Structuring a Pilates class with Equipment
LOCATION: The Loft Pilates Garuda, 4 rue
Marssena, Nice (06) 2nd floor
HOTEL APARTMENT: AJOUPA, 4 rue Masséna, Nice 5th floor www.ajoupa.fr -15% code “fitstudio”
PRICE: €1,000



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Fit Studio is a renowned school in France which is known for its rigor and professionalism.

Our teachers and trainers are qualified, competent and experienced.