Garuda Training

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Bootcamp - Garuda - nordic walk - Pilates
Garuda - Pilates
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Boot Camp - Garuda
Garuda - Pilates - Yoga

Garuda Training


Inspired by the principles of Pilates, yoga postures, the grace of Dance and Thai Chi. GARUDA is the future of 21st century wellness and begins where Pilates leaves off. James D’Silva, creator of the method, thinks that we must vary the exercises to bring the body and the mind into competition,

The GARUDA repertoire is constantly developing and expanding with targeted, adapted and varied exercises to gain strength, endurance, coordination and flexibility.


Bars & Slings

Garuda Apparatus

Frustrated to use different media, James created with the help of highly qualified engineers GARUDA APPARATUS, a machine with infinite possibilities.

A wider platform that can open in the middle, the chair attaches to the end, the cage is larger to allow better amplitude facilitating the changes of pulleys, slings, straps to allow sharp and targeted exercises. *Apparatus A, Apparatus B, Serie 1, Serie 1

*each 24-hour training module is spread over 4 days.

Why choose Fit Studio Le Loft Pilates?

Eva Winskill, surrounded by a team of seasoned technicians, international trainers, welcomes you to this “training center” studio to provide you with complete training in Garuda, Pilates and Yoga where you can acquire or complete all the skills inherent in yoga. teaching of these disciplines.

Fit Studio is a renowned school in France which is known for its rigor and professionalism.

Our teachers and trainers are qualified, competent and experienced.