Become a Pilates teacher

Become a Garuda Teacher, train with Eva Winskill to acquire the skills needed to teach the GARUDA method.

Eva Winskill Master Trainer Garuda France and Switzerland introduces you to a holistic and organic approach to GARUDA with the strength work of PILATES, breathing and YOGA practices.

During our GARUDA training modules, you will learn about the system of exercises developed by James D’Silva, founder of this unique and versatile method between flexibility and precision of movement.

Train in GARUDA or complete your initial training with our GARUDA MATWORK, Bars & Slings and GARUDA APPARATUS modules.

Understand the best way to perform the exercises and movements of the GARUDA repertoire by preparing sessions adapted to the levels of your students and their problems. Become a successful and qualified GARUDA teacher.

Tackle the entire GARUDA repertoire with Fit Studio Le Loft. Structure your lessons by giving rhythm to your lessons, improve your knowledge to adapt the content of your group and private lessons to all of your clients.

Our GARUDA training modules will help you to become aware of your body to solicit it intelligently and transmit to your clients a dynamic and fluid work for an enlightened practice of the GARUDA method.

A complete certification training to “become a Garuda teacher” which covers all the tools necessary to practice and learn GARUDA with a machine (Apparatus), on the ground (with a mat) or using a chair (Dhara), yoga bricks (Graha) or massage rollers (Foamroller or Chakra).

Find all of our training courses (online or on site) in GARUDA in our dedicated space.

*all our courses are recognized Quali Opi certification for training credits

    Fit Studio is a renowned school in France which is known for its rigor and professionalism.

    Our teachers and trainers are qualified, competent and experienced.