Follow our Quali Opi certified training to become a Pilates or Garuda teacher

Follow our Quali Opi certified training courses and have your training financed by public funders

We have Quali Opi certification, the only certification allowing us to take
total and financial responsibility for your professional training.

The Quali Opi certification attests to the quality of the training process undertaken by Fit Studio Le Loft, it is the key to obtaining financing for your training
professionals and attests to the quality of PILATES & GARUDA training.

Our Fit Studio Le Loft training process complies with the requirements of the
national quality reference. By opting for certified training, you will have the
possibility of having your training or additional training financed by
public or pooled funds such as skills operators,
regional interprofessional joint committees, the State, the regions and the Cluster

*Please contact Fit Studio Le Loft for more information regarding
all of our certifying training courses and their support.

    Fit Studio is a renowned school in France which is known for its rigor and professionalism.

    Our teachers and trainers are qualified, competent and experienced.