Born in Sweden, Eva Winskill has always been driven by the desire to be a gymnastics teacher from a very young age, following her studies, she will begin a Fitness training in London supplemented by internships in New York which will will take you to meet Romana Kryzanowska, a student of Joseph Pilates and will discover this method “her Yin” as she says, based on a set of principles and exercises promoting the strengthening of deep postural muscles by stabilizing and mobilizing certain parts from the body.

She then created FIT STUDIO in 1990 in Lyon to make the public aware of the importance of well-being on body and mind. Quickly solicited by Fitness professionals to train their instructors, for 15 years, Eva will travel the world to provide her training in Fitness and Pilates with always the deep desire to transmit her knowledge and her passion to a daily clientele.

In 2005, she decided to settle down in Ramatuelle and open a studio there to provide private, semi-private and group lessons in Pilates, Garuda and Fitness, as well as certification training for students from all over the world.

Fit Studio is a renowned school in France which is known for its rigor and professionalism.

Our teachers and trainers are qualified, competent and experienced.