7 October, 2023
- 7 October, 2023


14h-15h30 Workshop: Presentation and base using Bars

15h30-16h30 GARUDA MATWORK : Holistic, dynamic GARUDA is a revolutionary new technique created by James d’Silva. Inspired by Pilates, Dance, Yoya and Tai Chi, GARUDA is a unique philosophy practiced on machines and on the floor. Sessions combine dynamic, fluid, rhythmic work with mental strength to increase strength, flexibility, coordination and endurance.

16:30-17:30 GARUDA BRIQUE (GHARA): Bricks improve posture and offer a new dimension in muscular work.

HOURS: 14h-15h30 Workshop 15h30-16h30 GARUDA MATWORK 16h30-17h30 GARUDA BRIQUE (GHARA)
VENUE: Centre IO, 77 cours Pierre Puget, 13005 MARSEILLE
PRIX : 100€


Centre IO, 77 cours Pierre Puget, 13005 MARSEILLE


Bootcamp - Garuda - nordic walk - Pilates

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